Lost Confession is an upcoming Danish metal band which is now emerging from the underground and making themselves heard across the web and live venues across Denmark. They play a unique style which is a mixture of Melodic Metal, Trash and Hardcore, which has shown to be a good mix that attracts a wide audience.
After spending most of 2008 refining the style and repertoire, the band has now released their 2009 Demo EP and launched an agressive tour schedule of the Danish venues. They are playing with major Danish and international names like Last Mile (DK), Celeste (FR) and The Blackest Grey (NL), gaining massive momentum around their music and performances.
Keep an eye out for Lost Confession in 2009, as the year is shaping up to take them to the next level!

'92 > Stoffer and Michal start playing together in various hardrock formations.

'95 > Muggi becomes a permanent part of the lineup and "Like Sycodellic Disbelief" (LSD) is formed. Over the years they transition over hardrock, 80's heavy, power metal and progressive heavy-rock. They release several Demo's, an EP, and get released on a progressive metal compilation.

'04 > Simon joins and the musical style begins to shift more towards the heavier, rougher and more melodic stuff.

'06 > Jakob joins as a dedicated lead singer, and the style shift begins to accellerate. After a couple of few gigs of playing the LSD material, the band decides to redefine themselves and start from scratch.

'07 > LSD is permanently terminated, and Lost Confession is created. The new style is a mix of Melodic Metal, Trash and Hardcore, and the band keeps on defining themselves while playing gigs to get feedback on the new material.

'09 > The 2009 Demo EP is released and Lost Confession begin their invasion of the danish venues.

Demo 2009

1. Disilussioned (2009)
2. Step Down
3. Where Do I Begin (2009)
4. So Called Friend

Released: Jan. 2009

Recorded: Baghuset Aalborg

Produced by Lost Confession 

Where Do I Begin

1. Disillusioned
2. Light
3. Where Do I Begin 
Released: 2007

Recorded: Baghuset Aalborg

Produced by Lost Confession